Seed Sharing Guidelines

We ask that when you donate seed to the Lyon Township Seed Sharing Library that you follow certain guidelines so that each person who uses the library can be assured that the seeds are clean, disease free, and true-to-type. We want our fellow gardeners to be successful with their Seed Sharing Library seeds!

  1. Save seed from healthy plants. Some diseases are seed-borne, so only save from plants that are disease free. Save seed from more than one plant, if possible.
  2. If the plant cross-pollinates, please donate seed only if you have followed the correct isolation techniques. See the documents “Choosing Your Crops for Seed Saving” and “Seed Saving Techniques” for more information.
  3. Do not save seed from hybrid plants. Hybrids are intentional crosses, and their seed will not produce plants that look like the parent.
  4. When donating seeds for the LTPL Seed Sharing Library, the seeds MUST be separated from their seed heads, husks, hulls, or pods. They should be clean and ready to package. For more information on processing seeds for storage or donation please read the document “Harvesting and Storing Seeds.”
  5. Fill out a Seed Sharing Library Donation Form and attach it to EACH variety of seed you donate. This information is very important, so please complete the form as best you can. Donation forms are in the donation box on the top of the seed-sharing library or can be printed out from this website and filled out ahead of time.
  6. Please place your seed donation in the seed donation box on top of the Seed Sharing Library. A volunteer will package the seeds and put them in the Seed Sharing Library.

Have fun participating in the LTPL Seed Sharing Library!