LTPL Discovery Kits!

LTPL Discovery Kits are designed to teach important and fundamental Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math skills, and engage children with interactive components for self-paced learning.  Children can develop innovation, imagination, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills by completing fun, hands-on- educational experiments and projects.

Kits are intended to be used under adult supervision, and can be checked out by LTPL cardholders for 1 week (7 days) with no renewals.  Charges will be applied if any part of the kit is missing or damaged.  Replacement costs range from $14.00 to $134.00 and are listed on each of the kits informational/content sheets.  Please check to ensure that all pieces are present before returning kits to the library.

Discovery Kits MUST be returned inside the library to avoid damage.  DO NOT return kits in the drop box or to any library other than LTPL.

Basketball STEM Challenge

Billy Goats Bridge Building

Can Do Science – Sink or Float

Can Do Science – Magnets

Can Do Science – Motion

Can Do Science – Sound

Code & Go Robot Mouse

Eco Battery Vehicles

Foam Peg Blocks

Force & Motion Lab

Makedo Cardboard Construction

Magna Gyroscope

Magna Tiles

Magnetism Lab

Makey Makey


Microscope & Slides


Planetarium Projector

Playground Engineering

Snap Circuits Arcade

Snap Circuits Extreme

Squishy Human Body & Brain

Turing Tumble

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