Material Type Loan
Renewals Overdue
Books 21 days 2 20¢
New Books 14 days 2 20¢
Audio Books 21 days 2 20¢
New Audio Books 14 days 2 20¢
Music CD’s 7 days 2 20¢
DVD/BluRay 7 days 2 50¢/$5 Max
New DVD/BluRay 7 days 0 50¢/$5 Max
Current copy
does not
7 days 2 none
T-Mobile Hotspots 14 days 0 $1.00
cost $90.00

Customers are asked to make reasonable efforts to return items in a timely fashion.  If an item is 2 weeks overdue, the library will send you a notice via email or regular mail.  When an item is 4 weeks overdue, you will be sent a bill for the replacement cost of the item.

If you have a problem with any of the Library materials, please let a staff member know when you return the item.

For more information about Library loan procedures and policies, inquire at the Circulation Desk during operating hours, or click here to email a library staff member.

Library Cards

Lyon Township Residents may visit the Library to obtain a library card.  Please bring a valid driver’s license or State of Michigan ID Card.

Other individuals eligible for a card at no charge are:

  1. Residents residing in an area served by The Library Network that are not a apart of the Shared System that own a library card from their home library.
  2. Persons living outside Lyon Township, but owning property or a business within the township.
  3. Persons living outside Lyon Township, but employed by a business or organization within the township.

To get your new library card you may

  • Visit the Library Circulation desk to fill out an application.
  • Cards for minor children will require the signature and driver’s license or ID of the child’s parent or guardian.  The library recommends that children get their own cards when they are old enough to write their own name.
  • Temporary residents may apply for a temporary library card with proper identification.
  • Unpaid fines from a previous card must be paid before a new card will be issued.
  • Residents of Lyon Township do not have borrowing privileges at the Salem South Lyon District Library.  For an explanation of the District Library User Policy, and to find out which library you belong to, click here.
  • Library cards require renewal three years from the anniversary date.  Please visit often to keep your card valid.
  • Please notify the library immediately if there is a change in your address or telephone number.

Business Opening Hours

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Tuesday10:00 AM09:00 PM
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Thursday10:00 AM09:00 PM
Friday10:00 AM05:00 PM
Saturday10:00 AM05:00 PM
Sunday12:00 PM04:00 PM